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Box 2 Firmware UPNP


In the new version of firmware the release notes say that Box 2 now supports UPNP.  Is UPNP on by default for all devices?  I don't see anywhere within the Central iOS app where you can make any configuration changes for UPNP with the new version.


  • Brett M

    Hey Bitdefender...any update on this question?

  • i agree with Rich, where is it as i do not want it enabled... i hope by default they did not enable it

  • fury88

    I see uPnP now in the app. Question though, it warns about security issues by turning this on. Understood that will be the case by the nature of uPnP but I thought Bitdefender would be able to monitor these ports that will be open during use, correct? That would be why I got Bitdefender. :-)

  • Michael_BD
    Michael_BD Technical Support Manager BD Staff

    Hi, the Bitdefender Box is constantly monitoring your network for anomalies. If a device that is accessed via UPnP will start behaving in a suspicious manner, the Box will stop the malicious behavior , thus keeping your network safe. We are working as we speak on a more granular visualization on UPnP activity, so you can have a better understanding on what we are protecting you from.

  • RichC

    I see that the option has been added to toggle UPnP for each device in the central app.  Thank you this issue is now resolved