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VPN automatic startup



I've upgraded to Premium VPN but cannot get the VPN to connect automatically on startup despite this being configured in the settings. I have to manually connect every time. How can I configure the VPN to start with Windows?

I'm also not seeing a VPN icon in the system tray. Is this correct?

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  • stinger22

    I'll bump this.  I'd like to do the same, have the VPN auto-connect at start up is there anyway to do this?  I have the run at startup and Task Manager shows a BD vpn is loaded and taking some memory but it is not connected to a server I have to do manually.

  • Roxana G


    The Startup/Automatically Launch option only configures the VPN application to run at startup. It does not set it up so that it automatically connects to a VPN server. 

    The VPN will only reconnect automatically if you put the device in a Sleep or Hibernate state while the VPN is connected, or when connecting to an insecure network.

  • dondeelee

    My network on startup is insecure, so why is the VPN not connecting automatically?

  • Purchased VPN for Mac in January 2024 and it does not automatically connect on startup but automatically connects on mobile devices. It is important that my Mac has the VPN always on.