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Bitdefender Box 2 with Orbi


I have a cable modem (modem only) and Netgear Orbi as router with two satellites. I am planning to buy bitdefender Box 2 to add in between. What is the best set up. I read that during the set up, I can select "I have my own WiFi router". But later in the screenshots, it states that  I need to put my router in bridge mode. Some say that they put their Orbi in AP mode. Which one is correct and will it affect the satellites and backhaul performance?


  • RichC

    I use a Netgear Knighthawk router (similar software as Orbi) and I turned on the "AP Mode" and it works fine.  The Bitdefender box 2 acts as your DHCP server and your wireless devices will connect through the Orbi.  

  • Thanks Rich!