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Error code -3


I just upgraded my Windows 7 PC from Total Security 2018 to Total Security 2019. I received the following notification after the upgrade:


When I launch my browser (Chrome), I also receive a message that I am unsafe.


  • Kobac

    Here is the message I received in Chrome:



  • Kobac

    I finally got the update to work by following the instructions on the following link: Had to edit my Stealth settings for my network adapter by disabling it. Odd thing is, after the update I turned it back on and the next update worked fine. Go figure.

    In order to access some of my usual websites (one was Facebook) that were not loading, I had to disable the new Encrypted Web Scan listed under Online Threat Protection.

  • Hi, 

    Regarding the error in Chrome, can you try the following?

    - press Windows start button and type certmgr.msc, then press Enter

    - select Trusted Root Certificates > Certificates 

    - right click on Certificates and choose All Tasks > Import 

    - press Next > then Browse to C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\mitm_cache\fake-ca.crt > press Next again

    - click Automatically select the certificate store > Next > Finish


    Then check if websites load with Encrypted Web Scan enabled. 

  • Kobac

    I tried your suggestion. Unfortunately, it did not work. I had to disable Encrypted Web Scan again.

    I want to mention that I had no "Bitdefender Security" folder. The fake-ca.crt file was located in C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2017\mitm_cache. Even though I am using the 2019 program, the folder says Bitdefender 2017. The file is dated 22/09/2018.

  • Kobac

    I uninstalled Chrome and then downloaded and reinstalled Chrome. That's it! It took only a few minutes and now Encrypted Web Scan is enabled and I am having no problems with sites not loading.

  • Kobac

    Arrgh! I rebooted my PC and once again I could not access some websites in Chrome. I had to disable Encrypted Web Scan again.

  • Stefan I.


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