BD using up to 33% of CPU - PERMANENTLY

CPU usage is ridiculous as shown in the screengrab. Tried a re-install, all upgrades are complete and it is still like this.  The cooling fans are working overtime to keep up.

It is also blocking Chrome and Edge on my laptop despite following the certificate fix suggested by Tech Support in these forums.  

Very poor performance here guys.



  • Hi, 

    I'd recommend performing a system scan to build-up a cache of clean known files, this should help with the CPU usage.

    Also, would it be possible that Bitdefender is scanning some storage device attached to your PC in the background ? If you have any external storage devices can you test if the high usage still occurs with them disconnected?

    Regarding the issues in Chrome/Edge, please try these steps

    - close browsers/email clients

    - press Windows start button and type certmgr.msc, then press Enter

    - select Trusted Root Certificates > Certificates

    - right click on Certificates and choose All Tasks > Import

    - press Next > then Browse to C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\mitm_cache\fake-ca.crt > press Next again

    - select "Place all certificates in the following store" and Trusted Root Certification Authorities" should be selected under Certificate Store.

    I believe the last step given in a different thread on the forums was slightly different, in this case we select the certificate store manually. 


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