Bitdefender 2019 blocking Teamviewer

Hi , All of a sudden Teamviewer is being blocked access by BD 

i have checked firewall permissions and everything is there , have tried setting it to home , any connection the whole lot , its not just on my OC , Bitdefender is also installed on my mother's pc , which is why i use Teamviewer so i can log into her PC and fix any issues , now neither computer will allow TV to be launched , i was working fine up to today 



error attached 



  • Hi, 

    This is due to an earlier Teamviewer outage. You can check the status of the fix here:

    The message regarding Bitdefender is a generic one, it appears even if you just disconnect your internet connection. 


  • Tekno303
    edited November 2018

    thanks, i noticed that on TV website and signed up for their outrage emails , i thought i might have been BD as it had blocked my music editing software that is a part of my roland synth the other night , got that fixed up so i thought i may have been the firewall again


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