DHCP reservations



I misposted this in the wrong section and apologize. I’m considering getting a box 2 to install between my cable modem and Netgear R7000 router. I currently have a number of DHCP ip reservations for things like security cameras and other security devices. Is it possible to do DHCP reservations with the Box 2?

On a different note, I have pre-paid 3 years total protection. Will this cover my yearly Box fee until it expires?


  • I am not sure why no one has been on this forum for the past month.

    Anyway, you can assign IP addresses to specific mac addresses.  It's not via a table but rather through a mobile device, in my case, my phone.

  • Stiltjack

    I have found this tricky using the Android Bitdefender Central. You can manually set a specific IP address for a device by selecting it from the device list then tapping the ... icon at the top right corner of the screen. The IP address of the device does not seem to change, however, even after a restart. Instead you end up with the app showing two different addresses for the same device - one in the devices list and one in edit network settings. I suspect that this is a problem with the app rather than the box.