Bitdefender Central Phishing URL

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I was getting a new computer ready for deployment last night and went through my usual installation of various software when I arrived at Bitdefender.


I had to search for the Bitdefender Central login using Microsoft's default browser, Edge, and their default search engine, Bing. When searching "bitdefender login", one of the first results I was presented with was the malicious URL displayed in the attached image. For some reason, my eyes skipped right over the genuine URL and went right to the malicious one. WIthout thinking and in a hurry, fooled by the relatively passable appearance of the page, I entered my credentials and was presented with a warning about my account (image attached). I immediately knew I had been careless and was had. I promptly changed my password as well as any other passwords associated with that email address remotely similar to the one I entered.


Thanks Bing.

2018-11-20 10_27_34-bitdefender login - Bing.png

2018-11-20 10_34_49-Bitdefender.png


  • seems to already be detected by us as being a fraud page. 

    To be clear the correct page is



  • On 11/21/2018 at 3:46 PM, Sinus said:

    This is why nobody should be using Bing. They really don't check what they're putting in the top search results. Similar cases like this have happened before with phishing/malicious pages of Google Chrome and Notepad2 being put in top results, which misled a lot of users into clicking on them.

    Precisely. A week after being reported, the link still remains under Bing's search results. Amazing.