Access to Central account

Ok  here is what seems to me to be a serious breach of security. I purchase 10 licences  for 1 year and the subscription is activated on my BD central account. Ok i can then send the links to who i want and they open the link on whichever device they want to install. I then see this device on my BD central and am in theory able to remove it from their device. So we then have a situation where in theory all 10 devices can be switched off from one BD central point mine. Giving other people access to my BD central account then means they can disable my security and change passwords to let Hackers in. I should be able to let anyone i give a licence to be able to run that in their own BD central account  but not be able to pass any activations onto a third party. At the very least their should be a warning if security is turned off  and also email confirmation if a pasword is attempted to change (or verification to a mobile 


  • Hi, 

    The license isn't intended to be split in this way. We don't recommend sharing your Bitdefender Central account with anyone. 


  • Hi,

    I think the question from Cactusjack is legitimate. I have the same question, I don't want to give all my family members access to the Central. It should be possible to block access to the Central from specific devices. Previously I use Avira AV and there it is possible.

    BR. Willem

  • Hi, 

    You can provide them with installation links, but not your Central account password. If any situation appears where access to Bitdefender Central is needed you will need to access it yourself.