Unrequested folder scan each time it is open


Hi all,

it's been for some weeks that I have this problem, don't know whether it's BitDefender primary fault, yet it's involved, so maybe You have an answer: each time I open the Download folder (under Win10), I find all the files within ordered by name instead of by creation date as it is flagged, then  windows explorer automatically starts ordering them by creation date, and while this is happening BitDefender automatically starts a folder scan! It takes some 10 minutes to end, and then I can do something with my computer (due to resources used). Please note this happen even if there is no new file within Download folder, and multiple times during the same pc session. It stops only if I close all Win explorer open folders (not just Downloads), otherwise I have to wait it ends. And it's impossible to quit BitDefender Virus Shild process, even if task manager is launched "as Administrator".




  • I verified that if Bitdefender is unistalled, files in the folder still are sorted the wrong way, but then they are automatically sorted by date modified within less than a second. So it's just Bitdefender which slows the process down