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Auto Renewal when asked not to

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I want to make the decision to auto renew.   I don't need the merchant vendor doing it for me.  I get plenty of popups from the software to remind me. Nor is there any way to turn it off on the 2checkout website as they say, nor did I get a 7 day notice as they claim to do.  They attempted to auto renew it today, 45 days before the current subscription expires, and it failed because I make it a habit to use a card that expires before any auto renewal can be made.

I've used Bitdefender since 2013, and this isn't the first (or the fourth) time it's happened.  Since the company and its merchant processor don't seem to understand what "don't auto renew" means and won't accommodate me, I'm going to find another security software solution: one that doesn't auto bill me when I ask them not to.  Enough is enough.


  • Roxana G

    Hello Colagada,

    The Autorenewal option is enabled by default when purchasing as to not compromise device security. At the same time, it is a widespread option in the Antivirus industry and has been implemented as a result of customer requests.

    However, we understand that some users do not want this option to be active, and that's why we provide our customers with many ways to disable it:

    - during the purchase process

    - following automated notifications

    - by contacting the support team at anytime

    Also, We try to ensure maximum transparency on the Autorenewal process both through the information available at the time of purchase and through multiple email notifications before the renewal is performed. It is always the client's decision if he wants to keep the Autorenewal on or off. However, if within one year of the initial purchase the customer does not manually deactivate or does not contact us to disable it, it is reasonable to consider that the customer agrees to the Autorenewal.

    Each Bitdefender product has a standard price list. Depending on the various campaigns or means of sale, discounts may apply, but the initial list price does not change. The Autorenewal is based on the initial price. However, we understand that there may be situations where the underlying price is higher than that of the last acquisition and that is why we are trying to offer our customers the opportunity to manually renew at favorable prices during the subscription period. The price at which the Autorenewal is made can be seen in automatic notifications so that any customer has the opportunity to request either the deactivation of the option or a more advantageous offer.

    Even if the customer is dissatisfied with either the option or the price, we offer the possibility to fully refund the product. 

    If you want to disable this option, please contact us at

  • Roxana G


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