Is Bitdefender preventing IP Helper from launching?


I asked this about a thousand times on twitter and was met by ignorance and was blocked (probably due to a frustrated comment). I won't be renewing my subscription, since Bitdefender's social media minions don't know anything about their product. I have had to sign up here to get a single question answered (hopefully).

So. Does Bitdefender prevent IP Helper from automatically launching in Windows 10 64? I ask this because when I go into services.msc, IP Helper is set to automatic but hasn't started and I have to manually do it. This is irritating because it interferes with a whole bunch of gaming and video related things. I've never had issue with my connection for years, so I find it rather suspicious that over the last 6 months I've had to enable IP Helper manually when it didn't require tending to before. The only conclusion I can come to is that it was either some kind of screwed up Windows update a while back or Bitdefender is preventing it from starting as a security measure.