Children with own accounts / multiple PC's

I think I already know the answer to this, but I want clarification.  I have two PC's each having an account for each of my children.  In parental controls; my only option is to assign one child's profile to a single device?  I cannot assign each profile to a different account on each PC?




  • Hello CGrace,

    You can assign only one profile to a single device. If you assign the Parental Profile with the second Profile, the Parental Profile will now be assigned to the second profile.

  • That is really a shame... Came on this forum to find this answer, and it really is a step back from our current Parental Controls where when we have a family PC, kids are logging in with individual  accounts - and the parents accounts don't want restricting.

  • I totaly agree. We also share devices with our kids and the parents. There should be a way to handle this.


  • Hello everyone,

    Currently this request has been submitted to our development team and is being taken into consideration for our future updates. 

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Hi, I'd like to know if is there an evolution to this topic. I'm too interested in being able to track my kids across devices, using their own accounts they have in each windows notebook. Thanks!

  • This is all possible to set up using a child account, which you can then manage in a number of ways through the family settings in your Microsoft account. Using these tools, you can review reports of your Talk To Sonic children's online activities or limit the time they can spend in front of Windows 10 devices. You can also restrict age and screen time for apps and games, and can make sure they don't end up visiting websites that aren't suitable for them.

  • Any movement on this? I moved to Norton 360 last year because of the problem but would like to move back (Norton's is ok but I had to set their alerts as spam it is so 'talky').

  • I've just bought family licence because it was obvious for me that in XXI century people have more than one child and share one computer with them. Really it is not supported? LOL

  • @Alex D. Do you know how close they are to delivering this feature?

  • Any progress, workaround? Still not available and really blocks the usage of this feature.

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