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Internet extremely slow

edited March 2019 in Bitdefender box

Dear team

I installed the box as a main router to my isp and i connected the switches and two routers as switches without dhcp server.

All the setup looks correct but the box dhcp server seems slow to give ips and the kids main tv running Nvidia shield keeps disconnecting and says no internet.

YouTube keeps disconnecting and changing to low resolution then totally stops. Connected to lan or wireless same issue.

How to speed the internet or set priorities like regular routers ?

Mobiles in the network the same. They perform slow or disconnected on the main bidefender box.

Help please




  • Michael_BD
    Michael_BD Technical Support Manager BD Staff



    One of our BOX support engineers will contact you via email.



  • nofear

    i found the issue! one router was still running DHCP server and kept fighting on the network! thanks all again for your help