Question on device traffic monitoring

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I currently own a "Circle" device, and there is one very painful limitation that I discovered on this unit: since all outbound traffic is filtered by Circle, this is the main device that appears on my router network usage, I do not have access to the list of filtered devices that are actually consuming bandwidth.

Since I assume that Bitdefender box operates the same way, is there such a capability on the box 2 ?

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  • Of all owners of a Box 2, no one has any answer on this ? 

    Can Bitdefender respond ?



  • In my setup, that would be true.  I route all traffic through the Box 2 and then to the router.  The Box 2 does not have (not that I have seen) any ability to show per device traffic usage, even though it sees all devices and shows a cumulative summary of traffic for the last 24 hrs.  I think this would be a nice extension to the Box 2 app - to show more statistics such as per device traffic.  But, right now, you would be out of luck, I believe.

  • If you wish to monitor your bandwidth usage for each device, you have several options.

    1.  Find an old low powered PC with two network ports and install PFSense with SNORT.  (Only for those with good technical skill)

    2.  Buy a fingbox.  Fingbox is a different type of network monitor.  It doesn't try to stop attacks so it doesn't replace BitDefender Box, it's designed to monitor your network and it's behavior.  It comes with a very strong software app that works on android.  You can even try Fing for free on Google play.  But it's features are more limited than if you had the actual hardware on your network.  Disclaimer: I have NEVER tried to run a FingBox on top of BitDefender Box or software.  I would hope they would play nice, but I cannot guarantee that.