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Anti-tracker vs Privacy Possum?

I have been using Privacy Possum and before that Privacy Badger. What does Bitdefender Anti-tracker do better than those extensions?


  • Hello,

    Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension is designed to increase your online privacy and reduce the time needed for websites to load, by hiding your activity from trackers. 

    The trackers detected by our extension can be grouped in the following five categories:

    • Advertising – used to analyze website traffic, user behavior or visitors’ traffic patterns.

    • Customer Interaction – used to measure user interaction with different input forms such as chat or support.

    • Essential – used to monitor critical webpage functionalities.

    • Site Analytics – used to gather data regarding webpage usage.

    • Social Media – used to monitor social audience, activity and user engagement with different social media platforms.

    We cannot pronounce on what it does better than Privacy Possum and Privacy Badger since those 2 extensions are not our products. It is up to each user to decide which product suits them better.

  • Thank you. You will see from my original message that I was not asking which one is best, just what your anti-tracker does that existing extensions don't already do. In other words, for those not versed in the technicalities of these things, just providing lists of what it does do is not very helpful.