Overwatch Disconnects on Box 2 (and other issues)


1) Since putting in the Box 2 I am getting server disconnects when playing Overwatch (at least once a day but it happens once in some hours of play).  I cannot say for sure that it's because of the Box that I am getting the disconnects - Overwatch also applied a patch/server update but since stability is their business, I suspect it is the Box.  Is anyone else seeing an issue like this?  I did move my PC upstream of the Box 2 and did not experience disconnects but that's not really an indication that it is the box since I didn't try for more than a few hours.  Perhaps I'll put my PC outside the box for a week or so and that should tell me if the box is responsible.  I'll report back. 

2) One time I had a disconnect and then saw a notification that the Box 2 had updated the firmware.  If that does result in a disconnect, I would really like to see more control over when firmware updates are applied (a daily window where it can automatically happen would suffice).  This update was mid-afternoon, not at night or at a time that would make some sense.

3) In general, is there a way to see/get at diagnostic info from the Box 2?



  • Hi,

    I have had my PC outside the Box 2 network for about a week and not a single disconnect.  I have now put it behind the box network again and if I get disconnects I will report here.  But, right now, it seems to me there may be an issue with the box and, at least, the Overwatch Game Servers.


  • Hi,

    I think this must have actually been an Overwatch Server Bug after the last Overwatch patch.  I am not seeing disconnects anymore with my PC behind the Box.

    Summary - This whole post was just noise.  Please disregard.