DHCP Options

Just setting up the my new Bitdefender Box and I'm surprised I can't find two things that feel pretty basic compared to other firewalls/routers.

How can I change the DHCP Lease Time? I REALLY don't like a 24 hour lease time.

Second, when I click into a device and edit the network settings how can I see the MAC address of the device in question?



  • Hi

    For MAC address - This on the iOS version.  When you click on the device and it shows the name of the device, then below that it should say (in green) PROTECTED (This for the device being a PC with bitdefender installed).  Below that it says Protected by Bitdefender Total Security and below that there are 4 dots with the 1st one being blue.  This is a scroll-able area.  If I swipe to the left, I get OS info, one more I get the MAC address and the last one is the assigned IP address.

    As for DHCP lease time, I have not seen that anywhere.

    Hope that helps.

  • On the Android version of Bitdefender Central, the MAC address can be found by going to devices, selecting the device you're interested in and tapping the down arrow to expand the Bitdefender Box section. You get the MAC address and the current IP address.