BD Central "Some devices require attention"

On the "My Devices" window of BD Central it would be super helpful if when I see the Bitdefender BOX statement "some devices require attention" that the said devices that require attention were identified. As it is now I have to go through all of my devices and try to determine which if any need attention. I just went through all of my devices and nothing popped out indicating that attention was required on my part. I need a lot more help than some very ambiguous message. It would seem that if BD is aware that a device needs attention it should be able to identify which device needs attention. Please don't make me guess.


  • This has happened to me as well before. Check your security program and see if there are any firewall notifications or if any software needs to be updated. Those are the only things I noticed when I check out the situation of my devices. Not sure if it was what I was being warned about or not though. Not loving the ambiguity of this device.