Bit defender box 2



I'm looking into buying a bitdefender box 2 and had a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with?

- Can you install a VPN on the bitdefender box 2? 

- Would you use it as your main router or just as traffic control? Is there anywhere more details to be found on bitdefender box 2 router features?






  • The box comes with 200 MB per day of VPN traffic for each device with the total security package you just have to make sure to install the security software on each device. It costs extra for the full VPN service.

    Yes you can use it as the main router - thats what I do. My old router was a old piece of junk so this is a upgrade for me but if you ready have a decent router supposedly you should you that and jist attach the box to it.

    A Google search should show more info about all of this, although I know from experience it's difficult to find any actual useful in-depth info on the features of this device.


    Hope that helps somewhat good luck