Internet connection pause problems

edited November 2019 in Bitdefender box

I'm wondering if anyone else has had any issue with the internet connection pause option to specific devices?

I tried it out with my laptop from the box phone app and it seemed to work for a a couple of minutes (my Win 10 laptop showed no internet connection but still connected to wifi) but then all of a sudden it connected and the app showed it was still paused??

I'm getting a little more paranoid because I've had a suspicion of some sort of virus or whatnot on my device that isnt being detected because my email account was part of the, breachCompilation and collection1 leaks according to the account checker on the security app and I got a ransom email from my own email address a while ago but ignored it and just changed all my passwords etc. and ran virus scans but it came up clean.

Long story short just wondering if I should look further into if my devices are being monitored somehow and if anyone else is having problems with this thing?



Edit: I'm using the box as a standalone router if that matters.