Bitdefender for Mac update error -1073741824


Hi there,

Since today my Bitdefender for Mac isn't updating anymore.

Everytime when I try to update, I get a message with error -1073741824.

Are there more people with this problem?



  • Hello /index.php?/profile/218211-johnog/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="218211" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/218211-johnog/" id="ips_uid_7398_5" rel="">@johnog,

    We'd like to investigate the situation you're encountering via our ticketing system, thus, kindly contact us at and reply to this thread with the ticket number that will be sent automatically as a reply to your thread I can easily locate your case. Thank you!


  • CraigUK
    edited January 2020

    Exactly same with my imac from last night. The virus definitions start to download but right at the very end it comes up with error (-1073741824)

    I uninstalled and reinstalled still the same, uninstalled Malwarebytes free in case that was the culprit and reinstalled Bitdefender but still the same. On the search feature on the Bitdefender site it tells you for this error message to totally uninstall (also erase folders etc left over which I have), then tells you to boot up in safe mode, then to boot up normally and manually update the definitions which I did. Guess what, it does nothing, this error still comes up.

    I have already opened a ticket with the online chat, also sent screen image of the error and I am on the latest OS for my imac2019. There is no way I am installing the software that you want me to install which produces some sort of file to send back to you. I do not install anything that I do not know about.

    Obviously this is not just a one off, so fingers crossed Bitdefender can sort it out for customers asap :) Also rang the UK support phone number, after half hour wait I left my details on the system. Said would receive phone call back within hour to 90 minutes think it was, but no one rang back.


  • Appears to be fixed at Bitdefenders end. Just managed to update the definitions at long last without any error messages coming up :)

  • I am having exactly the same error when my BitDefender tries to update, except it says "Error (-1)

  • CraigUK is right, the problem seems to be fixed at BitDefenders end.

    My Mac is updating again!

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with the behavior you encountered on your devices. The situation has been acknowledged and fixed by our development team.

    Currently, you should attempt to update Bitdefender by pressing Command while Antivirus for Mac is on your screen. Regardless if the update prompts with an error, please restart your mac and try to update the antivirus once again. Should the situation persist, kindly let me know.

  • johnv

    Same here. It seems the BD-AV for Mac updates crashed between about midnight Sunday and, according to my "Notifications", about 4pm Monday (EST). Bitdefender, this is frustrating and unprofessional. You know why it happened and we know it's (mysteriously) fixed. So come clean with an explanation. More credibility if you acknowledge an error instead of obfuscating by requesting logs for examination.

    During the hiatus with BD-AV updates, I downloaded and installed Bitdefender Virus Scanner, a free app from the Mac App Store. The virus signatures updated quickly and I performed a deep system scan; perfect. Obviously some BD body messed up with code for BD AntiVirus for Mac while the free app performed flawlessly.

    Again, Alex, I'm requesting you include a switch to turn off automatic updates for AV for Mac.