antispam toolbar not working in Thunderbird



I am using the latest version of Bitdefender Total Security, as well as the latest version (64-bit) of Thunderbird email client, and it has been a while now that the Bitdefender anti-spam toolbar inside Thunderbird, has disappeared. 

I saw there was an unsolved topic on this issue in the French speaking user forum, but none yet in the English speaking forum.

Is there any news on any future repair (and re-appearance) of the anti-spam toolbar in Thunderbird?




  • Hello /index.php?/profile/218387-user12345/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="218387" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/218387-user12345/" rel="">@user12345,

    I have looked into the case and it seems that the situation is caused by an issue which has already been acknowledged by our development team. We are currently working on a fix.

    Thank you for your report!

  • Dave35

    I also have this problem & it fundamentally undermines my control of Spam in Thunderbird.

    The above posts were back in February 2020. Don't tell there is still no solution?

    I've used BD Total or Ultimate Security for over 2 decades & I'm increasingly frustrated by waiting for it to finish loading on Startup, the elimination of the Widget which gave instant indication of problems, issues & activity, plus, the loss of the Toolbar.

    What I suspect is happening here is, the full package is being sliced & diced to create more "Premium" offerings. When I buy Total Security, I expect it to be just that. After many years of satisfaction & endorsement of BD, I am not happy with the way BD is evolving.

  • Same over here.

    Is November 2020 and since February Bitdefender have no solved this issue. Don't be surprise if we not renevue the subscription.

  • jando

    Thunderbird has auto-updated me to version 78.5.1 64bit and the bitdefender antispam toolbar add-on says it's not compatible with this version. Is this the same issue?

  • Nicola1969

    Is now March 2021. More than one year since a fantomatic Bitdefender development team knowledge the problem and work to fix it. But they did not.

    I left Kaspersky for this reason, I will not renevue Bitdefender and I will look for someone who took much care for his customers.

    Advertising product as "inclusive" "included" and else is call cheating when that isn't truly available.

    I have waste to much time with you already.

  • jonalxi
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    First, What type of account do you have? POP3/ IMAP/ Exchange...

    If you use the IsSpam button, does it move the flagged email?


    Do you have the Anti-Spam folder created?


    Should be attached to the Trash with the name of Spam.

  • JPDoc

    I have Bitdefender Total Security 2021 installed and I use Thunderbird 64 bit for email. Until now no Bitdefender Anti Spam toolbar has appeared in Tbird and I have been happily using Tbird's own antispam. Looking at other posts on this site it would appear that although AVG advertise the anti spam module as working with Tbird there have been intermittent problems with this dating back to 2004, and it seems AVG (or Bitdefender as was) have done little about it.

    I upgraded my Tbird from 78.10.0 to 78.13.0 last week. Suddenly the Bitdefender anti spam toolbar has appeared. What it does, however, is making my email client virtually unusable. Any new mail that arrives is instantly marked as read. Tbird has an option to automatically mark new mail as read or delay marking by a few seconds, but the new unwanted Bitdefender antispam seems to override this making the setting completely useless. This of course means that I can't tell what mail I've read and what I haven't - a major problem for email use.

    A kind soul on the Tbird forum pointed me towards Bitdefender as the culprit (which is how I realized it was the antispam module causing this serious problem) so I turned off the antispam module in Bitdefender. Now new mail does not automatically get marked as read and the Tbird auto read options seem to be working. But the Bitdefender antispam module toolbar is still there, albeit greyed out. So now I have a completely useless and unasked for tool bar that I can't turn off or remove.

    Bitdefender appear to be including a module with their product that has only ever worked intermittently (and they haven't done anything about this) and that is now causing serious problems with Thunderbird. And includes a toolbar that you can't even turn off! This is very poor show from AVG - they need to make this antispam module and toolbar an option in Thunderbird that can be completely turned off, particularly if they can't be bothered to make sure it works from Tbird version to version.

    If they don't do something about this sorry situation I will, like many others on this site, be renewing elsewhere . . .

  • BDAlexS
    I have the same issue.
    Windows 10.
    AntiSpam on.
    Grayed out toolbar.
    Thunderbird 91.3.0

  • My TBird (now @ 91.3.2, 64-bit) has been showing the Bitdefender antispam ribbon for a long time, but all buttons are disabled, except for the Settings one.

    It's useless, as the Bitdefender VPN and its cryptographic "Error 2" code that hinders access to the product. Tech support services are a no-no.

    Since Bitdefender devs to not attend the forum (or pretend so), I'll move on by the time my license expires.

  • Mike_BD
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    Hello @RGoldbach and @BDAlexS ,

    What account do you have (IMAP/POP3/Exchange) ?

    I already passed this to our dev team, but I'm kindly asking for you to also contact the Support team here (for remote debugging) and revert with the ticket number privately to me, so I can follow up.



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  • Automatically installing a Thunderbird toolbar that DOESN'T work does NOTHING to instill confidence that your product actually defends against viruses. Total security seems to be a joke.

    I won't be renewing my subscription once it runs out.