Parental control logs children out of windows 10 frequently


I have installed parental control on 2 separate windows 10 laptops and each is associated with 1 of my 2 children.

Both children experience frequent and seemingly random logouts from Windows when Bitdefender parental controls are installed. If I uninstall parental controls, the problem disappears. If I reinstall parenta controls the issue seems to be fixed temporarily but then returns after a few days. The product is essentially unusable as the logouts will occur every few minutes.

Any ideas what could cause this and what I can do to prevent it?

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  • Parental control has not worked properly for me since 2018. Not blocking on schedule or blocking incorrectly on schedule. Has not worked properly for me for 2 years now. Finding that the screen time schedules seem to work on Android (for now at least) but are ignored on Windows machines. The only solution by support is to delete your profiles and recreate. NOT a solution. This does not fix it and your application history is gone for application blocking for the kids - so you have to wait until the application list is populated again for the device before you can block the applications you require blocked.

    I'm just sorry that I renewed my BitDefender subscription. BitDefender should look at buying someone like Qustodio to get their Parental Control working properly.

    Disgruntled Parental Control user.

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