Camera toegang

Hoe geef ik apps zoals zoom en thuisscholings toegang tot camera? wordt geblokkeerd door bitdefender en moet vanwege verplichte aanwezigheid zichtbaar zijn


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    Hi Member,

    Sorry for the issue you are facing.

    Follow below steps :

    1. Open the main Bitdefender user interface.
    2. Click on the Privacy icon – located at the left side of the main window.
    3. Then, select View Features.
    4. There you should be able to access the Webcam Protection on/off switch.
    5. Further customizations towards the webcam can be initiated by clicking on the Settings menu located in the lower-right corner of main Webcam Protection panel.
    6. Don’t forget that you can also add certain exceptions in Bitdefender: from the Bitdefender main window click on the Protection tab, navigate towards View modules and click on the Settings icon; then follow on screen-prompts and add a new exclusion for your camera app.

    Further, you can also see this support link :

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  • If this is not resolved, perhaps my solution will help

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