This gets blocked daily on ALL machine all running Win 10 Home

htt ps://

Any ideas what program is causing it or how to permanently block it ?


  • Cosmin P.
    Cosmin P. Software Developer ✭✭✭


    The program causing this is your web browser, presumably Microsoft Edge (could be any other), because it tries to access a resource located at - we block that resource because it has an invalid certificate (SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN). However, you could add it to the whitelist, going in the main interface » Protection » Online Threat Prevention » Manage Exceptions.

  • tfor

    For me it is always when I'm using Edge. I mostly use Edge to access my hotmail account.

    You say we can add this url to the whitelist.

    Why? I do not know this site where the url is pointing at and I even never clicked on a link to go there. How does that happen?

    And why; as you wrote, should we put it in the white list while you find it suspicious? This does not make sense?

    If as you suggest we o put it to the whitelist, why does Bitdefender not ask the provider to get a valid certificate?