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E-mail, renewal in French language in Dutch speaking part of Belgium?

There are three languages in Belgium: a Dutch, German and a French part. The lay-out of Bitdefender is in Dutch, but e-mail (promotions) and the renewal in in the French language. Can I change the settings to Dutch, maybe English? Or is there no support for Dutch, or Bitdefender thinks Belgium in a French speaking country?


  • I was having the same kind of problem, worrying that the product package after renewal might be in French. Seen this happening with others... Have discovered that you can choose/change the language in the settings page of the app, Dutch included.

  • Have discovered that I can't change the language to Dutch in the settings page. But that isn't the problem, the lay-out is already in Dutch. But they send me always e-mails in the French. And if I want to renew my product, they send me to the shop in the French language. Okay i can buy in the French language, but it is easier in your own language or English.

  • Hello!

    I can't help you with that, but being a French-speaking Belgian, I understand the feeling. For Bitdefender, when I log onto the Belgian website, I need to select the language, once I choose French, it redirects me to the French (country not language) website, which DOES NOT SELL the same items. That's confusing.

    To be clear: on the French Bitdefender website, you can buy the Bitdefender Box V2, and you read "uniquement disponible en France métropolitaine" (only available in mainland France). Well, that's a big issue.

    So, in conclusion, Bitdefender doesn't think Belgium is a French-speaking country, it doesn't understand it at all. At least give us the right information, even if it's in English, we'll make do with it.

  • SwickHill
    edited February 2021

    Catrina 2008-12-10. There are three official languages in Belgium (alaskasworld, French and German) so this article is wildly inaccurate. It is not just the French speakers that call the Dutch used in Belgium Flemish, but I know plenty of Flemings who are proud to speak Flemish.Now that I have managed, on my laptops running Win7, to remove the Windows 10 icon in the taskbar and stop all the pop-ups encouraging me to upgrade to Windows 10, Windows sends me daily emails in Dutch (I reside in Belgium, where French, Dutch and German are official languages). Why do they write in Dutch ?? They haven't asked me if my native language is Dutch or French or German !! I happen to speak French, German and English, NOT Dutch.