"Update recommendation" permanently displayed even when Total Security is up to date.

komtur ✭✭
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In the main Total Security window I get a notification "update recommendation" regardless of whether the update was done or not. It's a small problem, but a little annoying... I can press "Update now" button but it makes no sense because everything is already updated. I've had this case before. Then I reinstalled the program and the message stopped appearing. But now it's back. Can I do something about it?


  • Hello, @Komtur Can you provide your operating system?

    Only in this way can we analyze it for you, we have other programs that we can try further, but I need to understand your operating system

  • I have Windows 10 Home Edition (1909, the latest, fully updated). I've also seen this problem on our other computers.

  • @komturHello! @komtur , We received your message, 

     please to go into the system tray, right click the small Bitdefender icon and select Update Now.

    This usually does it, yes, however if the situation persists further troubleshooting will be necessary.

    To fix this situation, Bitdefender needs to be reinstalled. To do so, please press the Windows key and the 'R' key at the same time. In the window that pops up, type appwiz.cpl and press OK. In that list search for Bitdefender Total Security. Right-click it and select uninstall. In the new window that appears select Reinstall. Clearly something went wrong during the update process and if what I mentioned earlier did not work.

  • Looks like I found another solution to this problem. 😎 Total Security is up to date and everything works fine. The problem was only with "stuck" update message. I solved it by changing Total Security's language to Polish (I'm in Poland). I have used Total Security in English version so far. The messages are already correct and the update recommendation message has disappeared.

  • Bumping because I've had the same issue*, but switching it from English to another language & back caused the stuck update recommendation to disappear.

    *Windows 10 x64, BitDefender Total Security 2020.

  • Still happening as of January 2021.

    Total Security build:

    Win 10 Pro v2004

    Switched to Spanish under Settings->Product language, then back to English and the "stuck" update message went away.