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At Risk Notice question


I just installed on home computer and phone and don't understand what to do with the "At Risk" notice on my phone. It states I have 2 security risks, however, when I click on it one notice states "You are safe. No threats blocked this week." and the other just says "At Risk" with a red shield with no information. How do I interpret this?


  • Hello dweber,

    My first suggestion would be to remove the device from your Bitdefender Central account and then sign out and back into the installed product on your device:

    To remove a device from your Central account:

    - Access your Central account at

    - Click on MyDevices

    - Click on the device you wish to remove

    - Click on the three dots placed on the top right, on the grey ribbon

    - Click on Remove Device

    - Check the confirmation box

    To sign out and back into Bitdefender Mobile Security:

    - Open Bitdefender Mobile Security

    - Tap on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner of your screen

    - Tap on the email address shown here

    - Select "Log out of your account" and then sign back in using your Bitdefender Central credentials.

    Let me know if this solves it.