Can't delete a file

I have a .tiff file located on my C: drive (This PC / Local Disc (C:)/Users/Username/Documents)(Win 10), in a folder all on it's own, that I can't delete in Windows Explorer (also tried in Safe Mode). I've tried shredding it with Bitdefender File Shredder but no luck. I can't rename it either. I've tried deleting the folder it's in as well but no luck either. I just get the blue spinning dial I have to force close Explorer.

I also scanned the disc and file for errors using CHKDSK and Bitdefender but all good.

Any suggestions on how to remove this file from my system?


  • Update: I managed to remove the file so this question is resolved. Just wish I could remember how I did it 🤔🧠💣️🔥....nup...brain exploded.😊

  • Hello @SteveS ,

    Good you resolved the issue yourself!

    Was this issue you faced before anything related to Bitdefender?

  • No, apart from the fact that Bitdefender File Shredder couldn't shred the file.

    I actually remembered how I deleted it now. I opened up 7-Zip file explorer & deleted it in there.

    Makes you wonder, when free software can do something that paid software can't.

    Oh, while I'm here, can someone please turn off this please! It's driving me nuts.

    It never used to come up before, now it comes up all the time. PITA if you ask me. But I digress & go off topic....naughty me.

    Cheers & stay safe.😉

  • Hello @SteveS ,

    This link provide details about what is Bitdefender profile and how to enable/disable/customise it:

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  • Thanks @Jayakrishnan. Thing is, I already know how to set up Profiles in Bitdefender. I just don't need the reminder notification that it's got my back popping up every time I activate a Profile. I'm assuming it does that anyway. Otherwise I just turn of Automatic Profiles to stop it. In the meantime, Bitdefender should just get rid of it, or provide a switch to turn on or off in notifications somewhere. Cheers.

  • Hello @SteveS ,

    If you turn ON auto pilot mode, there won’t be much distractions and alerts from Bitdefender. It will silently run in background and makes the computer protected

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  • Apart from the annoying pop-up notification about having your back. Doesn't make any noise so I guess so technically it's silent, but still a P.I.T.A. Not helpful I'm afraid. Good try though. 🤙

  • Hello @SteveS ,

    Don’t worry. If you want to disable all Bitdefender notifications, then its simple. Just navigate to Settings screen, then in General tab you can turn it OFF by yourself. See the below short video which demonstrates how to disable notifications.

    I think this one will help you get rid of notifications and forget about the installed security software running in background. If you find this response helpful, please mark it as accepted / agree.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Removing bitdefender, I cannot remove files, this is ridiculous

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