Smart unlock only working with Location turned on?

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

Hi, I had to turn on location to add my wireless network to the smart unlock places. I did that and the network was recognized and added. However, it doesn't appear that smart unlock is working (I'm still asked for a PIN) while on the wifi, when my location is turned off.

Why would the app require GPS to be on at all times to recognize a wifi network? That makes no sense to me.



  • Hello Stan,

    Kindly provide me with the following information:

    - the model of the device you are using (for example, Samsung Galaxy SII)

    - the Android version running on the device (is the device rooted?/Running a custom operating system)

    - the Bitdefender version running on the device

    - one or more screenshots displaying the issue you have encountered

    To find out the Bitdefender version, open the app, tap on the More button (represented by the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen) and go to Settings. Scroll down to the About section, and you will see the Bitdefender version under About Bitdefender Mobile Security.

  • Hi Alex,

    It's a Samsung S9, Android 10, Bitdefender

    Here's the screenshot of the smart lock setup which has my Wifi added, it's the network I am currently on, however in the background you can see "Smart Unlock - untrusted Wi-Fi".

    Maybe it's some Android requirement to need location access in order to identify wireless networks though I don't really understand why that would be related. And anyway it's a big downside for me as I don't have my location set to always on (don't need it).