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Parental control can't see windows profil



I can not see all the profil on the computer of my child in the bitdefender central.

I see only a limited number of profil.

When I creat a new profil in widows I can see it in bitdefender central.

After restarting the computer the profil has appered but then the profil has vanish.

When I look again I can see the three windows's profil of my child on bitdefender central.

I see other account but not theirs.

When I clic on "view" and "all account" I can see theirs account but If I select one of them her I can not select the other windows account on the other bitdenfender child's account.

in all account I see nine windows' account.

Can you help me with that ?



  • Piotre

    I have very similar issue:

    I want to use Parental Control at my laptop (Win10 with all updates) , but can't select child account.

    What I did

    1. Installed parental control on this machine.

    2. Created Windows Account - named julia

    3. Created child's profile - named Julia

    4. When I select this machine, can't see account julia, instead I can see old account (julka) that no longer exists

    5. I selected "All accounts" for Julia profile.

    6. I created a new profile - Test

    7. For this profile I selected the same machine (warning icon was shown), then I was able to see julia (and others) Windows' accounts, I closed this without save

    8. When I try to select again account for Test, Julia account is not visible again

  • jonalxi

    Hello everyone,

    To review the setting, configure, change, enable, or disable them, or to enable reporting for a Microsoft Account. Follow the instructions to enable or disable the Parental Control;

    Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Family & Other People, and then choose Manage Family Settings Online.