Parental control uses resources and network data despite being disabled

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I have parental controls disabled and under the bitdefender central, there isn't a single child profile.

So why are "bdparentalservice.exe", "bdmonitorapps.exe", and "bdparentalsystray.exe" using cpu resources? Why is "bdparentalservice.exe" one of the processes that uses the most memory and network data in the background? Why does it need to establish multiple connections? Why does the process even exist in the first place if parental controls are disabled?


  • Pavlo
    edited December 2020

    Hi! I also have Parental Control disabled. Why is his process consuming 30% of the CPU resource?

    Update: I have advice from Bitdefender support: " Regarding the situation encountered, even if you have disabled Parental Control on this specific device, it may still be installed on it. So, if you are not using it at the moment, you also have the option to uninstall it. To do that, you would need to press the Windows button from your keyboard, search for Control Panel, and select Programs and Features. From that list, locate Parental Control and uninstall it."