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Bitdefender Mobile and the Android Notification Bar


Do I or don't I need the "B" to display in the Android notification bar. This seems to be confusing to nearly all software makers. I understand something changed in Android 10 that requires a constant notification but the notification for Mobile Security states it has to be there but then also states it can be "hidden" which essentially turns off the notification and then you no longer see it in the status bar. That goes against its statement that it has to be there. So which is it - it has to show or the notifications for Mobile can be turned off?


  • Jayakrishnan

    Hello @Motogopher ,

    On latest android versions, we need to have the application in notification area running in background always. Else the OS can terminate the application from background after sometime. If it does then the antivirus cannot detect malware in realtime. That is the sole purpose of showing the application in notification pane.

    And regarding your next question, yes you can manage whether to show the notification or hide it from notification pane (but still it will be running in background and will protect your device).

    Steps to show/hide notification:

    1. Open Bitdefender Mobile Security app
    2. Tap on Settings - Settings
    3. Tap in Protection Status
    4. Tap on Manage
    5. Choose whether to show or hide

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    Thanks and regards,

  • Motogopher

    I finally figured out the real answer, and this is a confusing point for nearly every software developer it seems like. Like yourself, in one sentence I'm told I need to see the notification, but then in the next sentence I'm told I can turn it off. Can't really do both but there is an in-between that appears to both hide it and keep it in the status bar.

    After hitting Manage, leave "Show notifications" on but below that turn on "Minimize". This takes the "B" out of the notification bar but does leave Bitdefender there when you swipe down from the notification bar. So it is no longer taking up space in the notification bar but it is still running an.

  • Jayakrishnan

    Hello @Motogopher ,

    Yes, even if you hide the notification, it will be still running and protecting the device. So the device is always protected even if what the customer choose.

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  • Marco83


    even if I choose hide the notification is still shown... Huawei p20 pro with Android 10. Anyone else with the same issue or another workaround? Very annoying...

  • berghaus

    @Marco83: different hardware but try setting the "Importance" to "Low" in the protection status management menu. That worked for me.