Cloud storage Scanning

I use a cloud storage platfrom called pCloud.

It appears as a network drive, P:

Every time I start my machine BD wants to scan the entire thing - over 300Gb.

I have added P:\ as an exlusion but it still tries to scan it. Do I have to add every single folder? There are over 200 of them?


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    Hi Memebr,

    While selecting a drive as exclusion should not have caused a problem and should have bypassed scanning via bitdefender, but it seems weird that it is not happening in your case.

    I would suggest you to drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding the drive exclusion issue you are facing.

    Response may be delayed due to less staff and covid19. Rest be assured, they will reply back asap.

    Additionally, you can exclude the folders in bitdefender , which according to me should work.

    If this helps, kindly mark answer as agree/ accepted



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  • Cheers, I'll post them a query.

    Maybe if I exclude P: rather than P:\ since that might mean just the root.