Old Email address shows in My Devices

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2 -3 years ago I changed my email address and have been using the new one ever since, the new email address is my registered one for My Account and have no issues with BitDefender Central logins or anything else to do with my account but my issue is that when I look at My Devices none of them show the new email address, for example

Laptop 1


Laptop 2


Laptop 3


The correct new email address is shown at the top right of the page for my account, I have also just noticed that all the notifications in BitDefender Central are going to the old email address

One of my devices is brand new and has never been used with the old email address at all, all devices have a new install of Total Security 2020 and are running Windows 10 Pro.

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  • possiblydavid
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    Hey @AndyRivers567 ,

    Is there a profile on these devices? If so select the device you want to manage, then select the 3 dot button on the top right of the devices central page. After select the profile and select the edit button.

    Hopefully this helps, if not please @ me.