How to add steam games to game profile


G'day all,

I've searched the forums and Google on how to add a specific steam game to the Game Profile that BD offers, but have not found any answers.

And before anyone asks erroneously, as this is not the issue here, I have added the steam folder to the exceptions and firewall list.

Oh, before I forget, running Windoze 10.

Thanks much for the help and advice.


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  • DanFern
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    Actually I just worked this out. While you have the game running, press ctrl+shift+esc to bring up the task manager. In the processes tab, you should see your game high up in the list. Right click the game process and select "open file location" this will show you where the game exe is located. It will be listed as "application" in the type details. Point bit defender here.

    Hope this helps


  • Flexx

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    Check out the support link -

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  • Senutyenool

    Steam games are started from within Steam and use a URL as 'starting point' (eg; steam://rungameid/78278360), so, not an executable per se (and yes, it's per "se", not "say" as many linguistic handicaps write/quote, and on that theme for a minuteness of time, it's "voila" not 'walla/wallah", but then again you can't teach Yanks anything as they know everything (tic)).

    Yes, you can start the game without using the Steam shortcut (available when Steam has been started), but that defeats the purpose of getting/using Steam if you have to 'handraulically' search for and find the games generic executable and apply the profile settings that way.

    Also, why on earth do you not have a search box for when looking for game executables like every normal program has? Is it that you don't know how to implement this or just can't be bothered?

    What would normally have taken less than 2 minutes (I added over 12 games) took well over 8 minutes (possibly more than 10, was getting very frustrated at the time) because I had to drill down for each and every game executable to add them to the game profile.

    Yes, seems petty complaining about only 8'ish minutes, but in this modern technological age there is no excuse for not being able to apply a search function to nearly any 'supportive' program, the only real excuses are ineptness or laziness. Wonder which one BD is applying?

  • DanFern

    Any update on this?

  • Thanks much DanFern, makes it somewhat quicker to find the exe file.

    One option to make this easier to add to BD is if BD was able to be integrated in the context menu on right-click. A simple "add to BD exclusions" would make for a 'smart' program (and obviously other options) instead of having to 'open' BD, troll through the sections to find what you need and then make the necessary set-up/adjustment.

    And before folks start in on the "it will turn it into bloatware" thread/bandwagon, too late!

    Cheers and thanks again.