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Devices - Unknown device appeared on my registered devices list??

The Bitdefender cover I have allows for up to 5 devices. Naturally after protecting my home PC I registered both my kids mobile phones.

My son recently got a new phone and again I naturally registered it and logged in to check it was set up and the anti-theft features and system scan was up and running, When I logged in I noticed an unknown device registered under my devices, it was a Mac and "located" somewhere in London over 300miles away from me!! Once the penny dropped and I realised this was not one of our devices I immediately removed the cover and deleted it from the device list.

So here is the question. How on earth has somebody managed to get their device onto my account as a registered device using my cover?

Next poses the bigger question. Once registered on my devices list have they been able to access, view or remotely connect to any of my other devices?

It may be unrelated, by I have also had an issue with my outlook account and have had to reset the password. I use the same email account as bitdefender, but the passwords were always different.

Any hints, advice or suggestions would be appreciated, I'm a little freaked at this and worried there is an inherent issue with this Bitdefender software!

P.s - I have not shared the security the device cover email link with anyone other than the accounts I intended to add!!