IObit Uninstaller dangerous?

Since last week, every time I open my IObit paid subscription, Bitdefender advises me that it blocked a dangerous threat in "Online Threat Prevention". In notifications, the same link appears:

Is this a false positive?

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  • mdgboxx
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    Is there a way to put a stop to it?

    I have added Java.exe and IObit.exe to exceptions, and it doesn't change anything. I still get the alerts/notifications.

  • Flexx
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    If you setup up exception in malware scanning, java & iobit has nothing to do with it. These are not malicious apps.

    The only thing you can do is to set rules in firewall for IObit application to not communicate with internet. Meaning blocking IObit application connecting from internet through setting up rules to deny for both incoming & outgoing traffic in bitdefender firewall. This may do one thing, whenever you try to open IObit application, bitdefender may pop up notification that it stopped IObit application from connecting to internet or the application was trying to access the internet and was forbidden or something similar message.

    So no connection with internet means no connection with the java script server which at present is happening in your case.

    Setting rules in firewall :

    For the notification related to firewall blocking you can always disable them from notification settings.



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