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Slow on Bitdefender Total Security 2020


Hey Bitdefender Team,

I have Bitdefender Total Security 2020 installed on my Windows 10 Machine.

  • Edition: Windows 10 Home
  • Version: 2004
  • OS build: 19041.572
  • Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0

I have all the latest Windows update installed and have moved to a 100Mbps Internet connection this month.

Whenever I speedtest on or stream Netflix on Windows, the internet speed never goes above 10Mbps. Whereas on my Mac machine without Bitdefender it goes full up to 100Mbps. In Windows, I find no issue if I test on Seems like, Only Netflix is being throttled. I am facing this for last month since I have moved to this 100Mbps new ISP. After troubleshooting a lot, I found out uninstalling Bitdefender TS makes everything normal on Windows. then I tried reinstalling the Bitdefender, but as soon as it's installed and turned ON, the speed on is capped to 10Mbps.

I turned off the Bitdefender Firewall and then other services, but that too doesn't help. Also, I have tried this with no success.

Please help.