Did media autorun enable by itself?

So a while ago, when I turned on my computer, I launched my BitDefender's logs immediately, this is because last week, my cam turned on by itself. When I checked the logs, it said "Media autorun is enabled" and it only happened when I checked the logs. I do get notifications about one potential device vulnerability once a day, but this media autorun thing just appeared in the logs by itself, I'm concerned if a virus has seemed to access my settings. I am not so entirely sure if this was always on and BitDefender only found this just now, or if the settings were really changed.



  • me too...ever get a response from this company....I am getting the message it is not so good

  • Me too what to think? No response yet from Bitdefender

  • Why did I get a notification that Microsoft had disabled my computer because it detected a trojan, I was unable to get out of that page and my only option was to turn my computer off manually?