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Good morning,

I'd like to start with my thread thanking you for all the hard work put into the latest version. It's a fact BitDefender products have improved A LOT since the past years and I'm more than happy with the results.

Nevertheless, I'd like to ask if there are any plan for an Application Control module or similar. It's almost 2021 and it has been proven many times that blacklisting-type of antivirus aren't the solution. Of course, I know BitDefender Total Security is more than a blacklist, and it includes a lot of modules to guarantee protection such as behavioural blocking, safe files module, etc. Still, we're still tied to whatever the product thinks is best for us (and of course, for the average Joe this is what's good). But many of us, who choose BitDefender for its technology and intelligence, know the importance of a default-deny module or similar, such as Application Control, which allows the product to block everything that tries to execute, unless it's whitelisted (via signature, manually, etc), just as some competitors do (e.g the green logo competitor).

I know the first concern will be usability for novice users, but competitors offer an Application Control module that's set on automatic on default, and CAN BE manually tweaked for blocking untrusted files (no signature, unknown signature, etc). I believe this is a very important factor to take into account, since is the main reason why me and many other tech users tend to chose the green competitor.

tl;dr it's almost 2021, default-deny is almost a NEED.

Thank you.

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