Parental controls questions

Hi I've just installed parental control on one of my kid's computers and I have some questions if someone can help please:

  • On the main parental control page, what does "Pause Activity" do?
  • On the "interests monitoring" page, I have blacklisted youtube and also blocked videos but my child can still access youtube. Am I doing something wrong ?

thanks :)


  • Ok I've given up… it's way to unstable

    rather disappointed

  • Did you figure out how to turn off parental control? I can't get to any sites I want grandson to use. It's just too much of a pain.

  • [{"insert":"Is there any way to get help with this issue? I have had nothing but problems with parental controls and really need support. I can't figure out how to get it and I'm having this problem, among others. Very sad youtube works no matter how many different ways I enter the URL.\n"}]