BD GravityZone Notifications for User Content not working


Hello, not sure this is the right location?

Using BitDefender GravityZone with a customer, deployed, and any malware gets notified to the console and email

We're using web blocking, say porn, and going to a porn site the site is correctly blocked. The client correctly shows the block. Running a report in the console correctly shows the blocked site.

In other words: Policy is correct. Client is working correctly. client is correctly telling the GZ backend about it.

BUT - configuring the notification settings in the console to show the alert and to email have no effect - it never appears in the console.

I've the same setup/config with lots of other customers which works fine. (of course, I may've missed something, I'm only human). But as the console knows the alert (as shown in "blocked website report" - and the "user content control" notification is enabled, I'd expect it to work. Thats all I did with other custmers.

I've logged a call with "support" - but not overly confident having sent screen shots and logs. Spend over an hour on a remote session repeating everything, Only to be asked for more screen shots of the same thing I sent days ago, and an Edge HAR log (though how that will help, as it affects all clients, and the issue is server side IMO......) Anywya.

Ideas welcome