No WIFI/Network

edited December 2020 in Protection

Several years we are using already Bitdefender. Till a few months without any problem. My children and wife have many complains about no WIFI/Network, they are using windows 10. I don't have any problems and I'm using a MacBook Pro. In some cases the PC or laptop had to be rebooted to get network back (WIFI dropped completely). Because I've upgraded my Unifi network that was the first to be suspected. When it happend again I've made a pcap trace on my Unifi AP. The PC is still able to send ip-packets (UDP/TCP) into the network and also ip-packets from the network to the computer however somewhere/somehow it is blocked by a process on the computer. I found out that it is Bitdefender which is blocking all the ip-packets from the network this by turning of all functionalities as firewall etc on Bitdefender. Blocking is not from a particular source, but all traffic from network to computer is blocked.

My children need to do exams from home. It is very important that they have a reliable PC and network connections. This behaviour of Bitdefender is at this moment certainly not acceptable. If they lose the connection during exam they fail the exam

My question: which functionality on Bitdefender is causing this behaviour as described above and how can it be stopped.