BitDefender has been nothing short of exhausting!!!! Tired of this shovelware...


I've been running BitDefender on my home network for roughly 18 months now. During that 18 months, I've suffered 3 major events that has completed discredited this platform as far as I'm concerned. Your technical support is nothing short of awful with responses taking weeks (as in plural, sometimes as much as 4-6 weeks) for a response.

1) One of my machines has a major piece of commercial software (Minecraft Dungeons) that has been 100% unusable for 5 months now because of how poorly implemented the BitDefender firewall is (yes, it's repeatable, I've demonstrated it multiple times for your "support" team). I disable the Bitdefender firewall, it works fine. I enable it, game doesn't run (can't connect to XBox Live). And you can't create a custom rule because Dungeons lives in %root%\Program Files\.

2) You all have deleted my son's coding projects for being "suspicious" even though it's simple middle school Java, C#, and Small Basic codes to create windows and change colors on-screen. You didn't even quarantine them, you just straight up nuked the files. And when we tried to restore from backup, you nuked the backups too.

3) And now, with your snafu on Bitdefender Central last week, none of my machines have any protection as they all say expired despite Central saying I still have ~185 days of protection left. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on all of my machines yet they all say that the subscription has expired and Windows Defender is now crying about Bitdefender's EPP sigs being out of date.

I've installed Webroot on all of my machines to make up for the lack of coverage. I'm not sure how much BitDefender is paying in marketing outlays but I just cannot reasonably see how your product is identified as a top player by folks like PC World / PC Gamer and other outlets. Your support system is a joke and your software has been nothing but a gigantic dud.