PC installation gives link to phone but fails to use the licence

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Licensed for 3 devices, but the link it gives to my phone does looses the message of what license I'm installing with, so then it gives me another Trial license on my account. I need to get that device on the same license as my other two devices but there is no way to do it


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  • imajeff
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    There is a way to find out that the one I had purchased for 3 devices is only for Windows PC. Obviously they are hoping that people will assume from the vague wording that it will work on their devices (a device includes phones and tablets... you do not call it devices if they are only desktops and laptops). Then they hope we will spend more money just to do the thing we were only agreeing on the first price to do.

    So nope I will not support them any further, and I am more than happy to steer my clients away from them. Use Malwarebytes, problem solved.


  • Flexx

    What product are you using that constitute of 3 devices.

    Furthermore, if you are using an android device, download bitdefender directly from google play store. After successful installation and opening the app, a login option will be available where you can input your central details and hopefully your product will get activated. The only thing to note here is that, you should have subscription of total security. So, if you have subscription of total security that features 3 devices, then only you will be able to activate the mobile security with the license you have.



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  • I have Total Security for 3 devices. Installed on Laptop and decided to add it to my iPhone. T

    he link took me to the App Store and I had to download the Bitdefender App. they're making me

    pay $14.99 per year for it. I thought I wouldn't have to pay for the App as I already own Total

    Security! What's up with that?



  • I also have the same problem too. Even though I allocated the license for my Iphone, it still indicate "try web protection" and then go to payment.