Found possible fake / phishing Bitdefender Central site

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I think the Bitdefender team might want to look into these sites I discovered.

I've replaced all of the .com extensions with (DOT)com so that nobody will accidentally click to the sites.

These are not blacklisted nor does Bitdefender see anything wrong with them, but if you visit you can clearly see that it is suspicious, calling themselves Bitdefender Central, with links to "Access Now" and others in what appears to be phishing attempts to trick unwitting BD users.

Main site I found:


On which you can see an "Access Now" button that links to:


There are other suspicious links, such as all of the social media links at the top of bitdefender-centrals(DOT)com and hidden links to content from bitdefendercentralx(DOT)com

Something looks very phishy about bitdefender-centrals(DOT)com and it's content, and I'm surprised that BitDefender Total Security does not detect anything wrong about it.

Also surprised that the BD team isn't aware of the site, especially since it is linked in a couple of "spammy" posts on the official WooCommerce forums at (I'm not posting links to the specific 2 posts in which it is mentioned, but would be happy to send info to @BogdanB_BD @Andy_BD in Private Message.

Can anyone from BD confirm my suspicions? Sure looks pretty obvious though...

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    The support team has updated and the website is now blocked.



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