How do I uninstall Wondershare

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I am new to bitdefender and have just done a full scan. This showed no virus etc but showed 165 password protected files which were not scanned. All thes files are in a folder called "wondershare".

Checking out "wondershare" on the net I still don't now what it is, where it came from or how to get rid of it.

Can any body please help with what I should do next.

Thanks for your help



  • Wondershare is a slideshow creation utility of some kind, I would say it should appear in The programs list in settings to allow removal. It is not uncommon for some software to encrypt files, it is curious for a simple utility suite however, usually it is game companies trying to prevent things like save file hacking and the like. I can think of no legitimate reason for a slideshow maker to encrypt anything. I would say it is at the least suspect and quite possibly some form of spyware.

  • Thanks for that. My concern was that if BitDefender cannot scan them then what are they and should I get rid of them.

    Since writing the first query I have checked the files and see they wewe installed when I was trying to transfer music files to my wifes I phone so your answer is on the right lines. I have now used a program called Glary Utilities to clean them off.

    Many thanks for you help.