Bitdefender consumes ALL system resources when streaming H.265 video from Synology

I've got a local Synology network drive which runs their Surveillance Station software to monitor security cameras (using their Windows app, not the web interface). When I use their live view to view H.265 video, Bitdefender (bdservicehost) starts using CPU and memory resources, continuing to crank up its behavior until it consumes all memory on the system, and also continuing to use most of the CPU the entire time. The entire PC quickly becomes unusable.

If I stop Surveillance Station quickly (say, after several seconds), the Bitdefender process will settle down, but if I let it run for a while the only way to recover is to reboot. I've even tried waiting a few hours after stopping SS, and Bitdefender is still using CPU and memory is still near 100% used (I have 16GB). As a result I am unable to run that Synology software. I've tried this on a desktop and a laptop (both Windows 10) with the same results.

This is with Bitdefender Total Security (although I'm not sure which module within BD is causing the problem).